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About American Travel Abroad (AMTA)

About Us

Commercial aviation and tourism flourished post World War II

American Travel Abroad, better known as AMTA was born in 1946 to serve wholesalers and retailers. AMTA specialized in organizing conventions, seminars; offering religious pilgrimages and special interest tours. In 1955, Boris Wolski developed the wholesale market with the introduction of charter-flights and all-inclusive tours to the Soviet Union and Israel.

Three Generations under Wegiel Family

In the early 1970’s, Ben Wegiel and Bob Laszewski acquired AMTA and shifted the offering to Poland. Charter flights and travel packages to Poland, Central and Eastern Europe gained popularity. Late 1970’s, Zbigniew Wegiel and Alex Wegiel took control of AMTA and introduced programs in Europe including river cruises, spa vacations for groups and independent travelers. Zbigniew’s son, Andrew Wegiel joined in the business in the 1990’s in Chicago and helped the Wegiel family establish AMTA as a leading Air Travel Consolidator and Tour Operator to Central and Eastern European Countries.

New Investor

In 2019, an investor acquired majority interests in American Travel Abroad with objectives to expand travel offerings worldwide at the lowest price with a focus on customer service excellence. Our team of professionals has decades of travel industry experience, built extensive supplier relationships worldwide, and uses the latest technology to assist you with your travel plans around the World.